Citymobil App



Citymobil is an online taxi ordering service through a mobile app and the distribution of transportation orders for taxi drivers.

My attempt to make the interface first of all convenient and understandable on the first screen.


Collecting a lot of features in one app is a trend of the present and the future. This is convenient, but there is a certain risk of overdoing it and it is very important to do it correctly. As clear and simple as possible.

On the first screen, we will be greeted by a map, which is a classic of any taxi app. This is one of the things that should not be violated in any case. The user is used to this and it is really convenient.

Main element

The most important thing in creating a new prototype is to figure out how certain services will be called. I decided to make a slider with all the services that Citymobil will provide. The main question is which ones first?

As for me, the services that should appear first of all for a new user are taxi booking and car rental. Most often, the person who uses these services has less convenience and free time at the time of ordering in comparison with users of other services. The food customer is willing to wait. He is not standing in the rain and is not in a hurry to catch his flight. The food customer is ready to look through the slider and get acquainted with the entire list of services.

However, it is no longer a new user who will see on the first screen primarily the services that they use more often. It’s a matter of time and experience over a long distance.